I’ve been avoiding this moment all my bloated life. Right now, I feel that uncomfortable combination of sweaty, sticky skin that covers my entire swampy body from too much caffeine that I keep injecting to the lack of sleep from yet another not so secret last minute travel breakdown palace…

8 Ball

“I’m addicted to being a loser.” He slurs.

“I Uber surge-priced for this?” These thoughts foam to the top like the beers clinking around us.

“I used to think I could even finish a sentence.” Obviously his psycho-shrill doctor lady has stopped returning his neurotic voicemails.

“I’m a…

Nation Ocean

well, i’m washed in jabs, and sainted by vibrating head turns, long deep rows in shoulds and hey maybe, sures. i am here to tell you about 83. now is the time.

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